JPMorgan Chase is Paying Homeowners $30,000 for Short Sale

Troubled homeowners with a mortgage owned by Chase may qualify for some valuable benefits if they agree to a Short Sale rather than letting the home go into foreclosure.  These homeowners for whom JPMorgan Chase is actually the lender, not just the servicer, may qualify for the Short Sale Outreach program where Chase will pay up to $30,000 and forego any deficiency in exchange for the homeowner agreeing to a Short Sale.  The Lender promises to deal with this sale in an expedited fashion.

The reason behind this seeming generosity is simple math: it is less expensive for the Lender to approve a Short Sale than to take a seriously delinquent mortgage all the way to foreclosure.  The national average from first payment missed to foreclosure is 500 days and in states like Florida where the foreclosure cases are still log-jammed, the process takes 600 days.

The average Short Sale is discounted about 12% while the average REO loses at least 25% off market value.  The losses in mortgage revenue for a foreclosure are around 50% of the money owed on the mortgage.

On the other hand, when JPMorgan Chase is just the servicer they lose the incentive to make this kind of deal because they are no longer the one taking the big losses, and they are receiving higher fees in order to service the delinquent account.  The system rewards servicers more the longer the property remains delinquent.

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  1. Judy says:

    Hey Bob…If I want to market to these families specifically that are 30-60-90 days behind, how do I find the list first, then how do I find the Chase mortgages that are not just Chase servicing? The homeowner may have a mortgage coupon saying Chase, but may not hold the mortgage. What will you be doing? :-) Thanks for your help, as always! I’m a Real Estate Broker

  2. Hi Bob,
    I shared this on my facebook page (christymellott) and one of my friends wasn’t able to confirm this information directly with Chase. Do you know who he can talk to at Chase that would know about this program?

  3. Valerie says:

    Hi Bob,

    I would also like to know who to contact regarding this because this would be a good marketing tool to include in my letter to the defaulted homeowner. As short sales the homeowner would normally not receive any cash back

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