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Bob, You always have great information. As a seasoned investor, I appreciate the detail and knowledge you apply to questions posed on the call.

Thank you again for the quality of your ongoing updates,

Mark B

You are one of the few mentors that I have come across in the last three years that actually seems to care about his students and backs that up with action. There is just no one like you and your company and I am so thankful that I met you.

Thank you again,

Laura Baskin

We have had great successes using your program and have about 30 Realtors now working with us sending us their short sales. We did one presentation in SW Florida and packed the room with over 60 investors and Realtors. The excitement on their faces was priceless when they heard that there was another way … other than them struggling to do the short sales themselves!

We currently have over 100 short sales in the pipeline and are very grateful for your program which has allowed Realtors to get on our website and find out how they too can have their short sales done for them! No more sitting on the phone waiting for someone to talk to ….no more being shoved from department to department, until they find the right person to talk to, no more wasting their time!

We would suggest anyone that wants to do short sales use this program as a tool to get all of the short sales they can handle from Realtors and even other Investors that might not want to do them themselves. It’s all about having the system in place and that’s one of the biggest things we feel the Agent Magnet Program has to offer ….a system!

Thank you for all that you do to continue to educate and help others Bob! You are a true blessing to the business!

Respectfully and Gratefully,

Stephanie and Jon Iannotti

I started investing in the real estate market about 2 years ago. Right away I noticed that almost every house I visited or checked on already had a realtor in place, so I started looking for a way to work with realtors. Enter The Agent Magnet and Bob Massey…

I found Bob’s program to be very complete and filled with content. The course even included audio of some of the conversations between Bob and realtors. The website provided all of the necessary forms and more. Of course there were still questions along the way and what impressed me the most was the support provided by Bob and his company. Simply impressive!

Emails were answered promptly and I was also able to talk with Bob himself on more than one occasion. Emails I received from Bob contained very useful and up to date information regarding the ever changing landscape of real estate and NOT just sales pitches for other “RE gurus” programs. Since I live in Hawaii, short sales have become quite difficult as Hawaii now has a Mortgage Fraud Prevention Law. Still, Bob and his team have been there to help me find the way.


Dennis Uyeda

Manager, Aloha Investment Properties

Hey Bob,

Thanks for the help on Monday! I was in a panic to get everything in on time. My first deal and it came to me 12 days before foreclosure. Talk about trial by fire! Massachusetts is a hard market to crack – but I am determined.

Great “Grill Bob” call yesterday! I learned so much. I have 4 pages of notes and I plan to do lots of follow-up.

Looking forward to more deals with you all,

Barbara Riley

Hi Bob, Thanks for taking the time on the phone with me today. We are having great success here in SC. I use you Agent Advantage Website to post videos of my closings where I run the numbers on the transactions. You can see them at www.schousesolutions.com.

I try and stick to luxury homes as my niche and that seems to be working for us. Thanks again for your personal attention and service. I have tried a ton of various short sale training course and yours by far provides the best value and comprehensive, timely information.

Alex Bailey

Irmo, SC

Jeff Strada

“I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the program. It was really nice to have a program to guide me through step-by-step what I needed to do.”

“I’d recommend (Agent Magnet) to anybody!”

Hi Bob,

I just wanted to send a note saying I closed my first Short Sale deal using The Agent Magnet™. I simply followed the directions in your system on my first deal! Better yet, I did not even have to come up with my own money to close the sale.

Your tips and resources for funding deals without your own money are worth the cost of the whole system. The step by step guide made the entire deal simple and easy to follow. I can’t wait to get started on my next deal! The Agent Magnet™ showed me how to market for my first Short Sale and now I have a steady stream of calls coming in. I’m sure my next deal is right around the corner.

I know I would not have been able to navigate the complexities of a deal like this without a clear, comprehensive system. I especially liked the convenience of the audio CD’s since I drive my farm area quite a bit.

Once again, thanks for a great program!


Jeff Strada

Atlanta, GA

Tim Mai – Houston, TX

“It’s so automated – he’s just the middle guy that put the transaction together and closed the deal and made a ton of money.”

“It’s one of those strategies that works especially well in today’s market. I highly recommend that you get access to his system.”

Dennis Quattlebaum – Atlanta, GA

President, Financial Freedom Network

“It’s something that you can be proud of, and it’s something that I’m proud of.”

“The Agent Magnet has all the great stuff in order to win that agent over to your team. Bob – thank you!”

Todd and Rita Maiden – Kalispell, MT

“The Agent Magnet program really put all the pieces together for us… It was the key that unlocked the door to a whole bunch of deals.”

Tabitha Kitchens – Griffin, GA

“Best thing since sliced bread – the easiest system going”

“We got our first deal done!”

The conference call was wonderful. I have been to a lot of bootcamps and seminars in the last two years and my husband and I have done deals but not the number we would like. I knew right away that this was by far the best system that I have seen so far. The step by step outline helps so much because it keeps you in the right direction of knowing what to do next.
Tabitha Kitchens
Griffin, GA

Kevin McNeill – Lyndora, PA

“The Agent Magnet is awesome! It’s an easy sell to Agents and Attorneys.”

Mark Klee and Caryn McKinney – Atlanta, GA

“He solves two of your biggest problems right now in this market – funding and selling.”

“Keep putting it out there, there’s a lot of people excited about it!”

I want to extend my gratitude to Bob Massey and his Agent Magnet System that without their knowledge and expertise the deal would certainly have fallen through months ago.

The house had an ARV of 250,000, but needed repairs totaling 85,000. It was a long process requiring a total of 6 BPOs , but staying the course and following the Agent Magnet System precisely, we were able to come to each BPO armed with more detailed property information, further reducing the BPO’s appraisal each time and finally enabling us to come to an agreement. We immediately listed it on the MLS and had a contract within a week and closed with a cash buyer.

We thank the Agent Magnet Service that made all the difference. They got us through all the highs and lows that are normal in any deal, helped us to persevere and not let us get discouraged, but navigated us through to a successful closing.

Thanks to you Bob Massey and your Agent Magnet System.

Jan & Aaron Packard

Kansas City, KS

Bob & The Agent Magnet Group,

I wanted to thank you for creating The Agent Magnet!! We have used it since November 2008 and really love it. We had our best month ever in March 2009 an believe it is due to picking up deals through using this program!

We love it, our realtors love it and it is so easy to use!! The website and member’s site is phenomenal. We have seen many systems and have so many but this one has really jump started our business and we wanted to thank you for that!

We love the fact that we can work anywhere nationwide using this system and we buy & sell houses we never see!

Thanks again!!!

Brent & Suzanne Erickson

Jacksonville, FL

I purchased the Agent Magnet after the phone call. This is a very powerful system and when you find the right agent can be a HUGE tool!

Good luck,

John Nosti

I’ve been investing full time for 9 years, and I normally spend $1,000 or more to get a good deal. Now that I’m using Bob’s Agent Magnet System, I am saving big time on my marketing budget.

Rateb “Rock” Shukoor

Atlanta, GA