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You May be Able to Wipe out Virtually Any Mortgage!

That sounds too good to be true! Guess who made this possible… The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)!  There is a shockwave moving through the mortgage industry caused by a unanimous SCOTUS ruling in January. The court settled once and for all the exactly what a borrower’s Right of Rescission is, and what [...]

Appellate Court Decides Loan Modification Offer Is an Enforceable Contract

Almost every real estate investor who buys short sales or pre-foreclosures has heard this story a hundred times. A homeowner requests a loan modification from the bank, the bank grants a “temporary” modification, payments were made and accepted, then bank changes its mind and forecloses on the homeowner for not making the full, original mortgage [...]

The Next Foreclosure Crisis Is On its Way – Is Your Investing Business Ready?

It was almost eight years ago that the foreclosure crisis began. More than 5 million homes were lost to foreclosure during those eight years, many of them belonging to real estate investors who are no longer in business. But thing are looking up, right? According to CoreLogic the national foreclosure rate is at 1.7%, down [...]

Court Rules Chase Made Up Documents to Foreclose – What Does It Mean For Investors?

In July, fans of common sense and decency everywhere won a huge victory – in California of all places! The California Appellate Court ruled that Chase created and recorded false documentation in order to prove ownership of a property so they could foreclose on it. This is big news because it shows that the major [...]

How to Fight Foreclosure (And Win)

Over the last two years I have covered in great detail the Securitization Swindle the banks have been perpetrating for over a decade. The banks were successful because they created such a tangled web that it was nearly impossible for everyday people, lawyers, and judges to understand what was happening. For years homeowners just couldn’t [...]

So You Proved The Bank Lied About Your Loan. Now What?

Say you are fighting a foreclosure on a securitized loan that you took out during the housing boom.  Using a fraud investigator you were able to prove that the foreclosing entity forged your signature on the note. You rest your case and wait for the judge to come back with a ruling in your favor. [...]

What Is Securitization and Why Is It Fraudulent? Part 2

In last month’s article I began to explain exactly what securitization is and why it is fraudulent. For several years the mortgage banks in this country were flat-out making up transactions and trusts to cover for the fact that they were pocketing their investors’ money. But that wasn’t enough for them. They bundled up the [...]

What Is Securitization and Why Is It Fraudulent? Part 1

By now you have heard in the news about robo-signing, MERS, etc. and how the economy was brought down by Mortgage Backed Securities. But what, specifically, does that mean and how does it affect us as homeowners and real estate investors? As can be expected, the greatest financial fraud every pulled over in the history [...]

Is Buying the Note a Good Deal for Real Estate Investors?

Which is better for real estate investors – buying a note in pre-foreclosure, buying the house through a short sale, or waiting until the house comes on the market as an REO? That depends on the difference in the discounts expected, the condition of the house, and the likelihood of reaching an agreement with the [...]

How Common are Mortgage Fraud and Title Issues?

Lenders like to argue that when a homeowner gets behind on the mortgage the issues involved in foreclosure are cut-and-dried. The homeowner owes on the mortgage, they have not been able to catch up over many months, so they should pay and/or lose the house. The reality is far less clear-cut. In many cases homeowners [...]